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Megaraid SCSI/SATA controller

If the 'megarc' executable isn't installed on the server, you can install it with:

cd /usr/local/bin
chmod u+x mega*
Display logical drive info
megarc -ldInfo -l0 -a0

get a listing of the drives and the status on them

megarc -dispCfg -a0  (0 is the controller id usually)

lets get a listing of what drives are on the controller.

megarc -phys -chAll -idAll -a0

Get the serial numbers for the drives.

megarc -physdrvSerialInfo -chAll -idAll -a0

you can get a report of whats happened with the failed drive with this command (if there is anything to report)

megarc -pdfailinfo -a0 -chall -idall

You can try to turn the drive on in a failed state by issuing this command. x=the channel normally 0 y=the id of the physical drive

megarc -physOn -a0 pd[x:y]

you can also turn the drive off

megarc -physOff -a0 pd[x:y]

show the status of a rebuilding drive that has been replaced

megarc -showRbld -a0

change the rebuild rate of the drive if you would like (its not recommended going over 40% going anything over 90% will render the disk unuseable for anything other then rebuiding rendering a not accessible system, I did this!)

megarc -setRbldRate 35 -a0

Let's rebuild the array. This says do rebuild on adapter 0 (-a0) doing a rebuildarray on channel 0 disk 2 [0:2] (You can leave off -ShowProg if you don't want to monitor the rebuild progress)

megarc -doRbld -a0 -RbldArray[0:2] -ShowProg

Silence (not disable!) the raid alarm:

megarc -silenceAlarm -a0